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Covid-19 Level 3 restrictions

Level 2   We are committed to the protection of customers and our people while maintaining a high standard of care for our patients. We are committed to the protection of customers and our people while maintaining a high standard of … Continue reading

The Hangry Cat

You know the one –puss has become cranky or aggressive, is always hungry but is losing weight. Other signs may include restlessness or nervousness, increased vocalisation, a poor coat, drinking and urinating more, intermittent vomiting, defecating more, and heat avoidance. … Continue reading

Don’t play it by ear

Problems with our pets’ ears are very common. Signs of these ear problems include scratching or rubbing at the ears or head, odour, discharge, redness or swelling, shaking their head or tilting it to one side, holding the ears down, … Continue reading

When Dogs Go Weak at the Knees

  The cranial cruciate ligament is one of the most important stabilisers inside the canine stifle (knee) joint and unfortunately rupture of this ligament is one of the most common reasons for hind limb lameness, pain and subsequent arthritis. Cranial … Continue reading

Letting the Cat out of the Bag

Cats are, by nature, enigmatic. Cats do not show their emotions as obviously as other animals, and tend to withdraw and become quiet. Acute problems may be recognised by sudden changes in behaviour, but when the issues are chronic, signs … Continue reading

The Darkside of Backsides

Anal glands are two small semi-fluid filled sacs, located under the skin on either side of the anus, in dogs and cats. They are designed to empty their very smelly fluid onto the animal’s bowel motions. Most animals never have … Continue reading

Terrible Toxicities

We’re approaching a time of year where we see a lot of animals with potentially fatal toxicities. Their natural curiosity makes them vulnerable to substances about the home that are harmful to their health. Most pet owners go to great … Continue reading

Warm Wet Weather Woes

It’s hard not to mention the weather again because it so often causes a number of problems with our pets. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs are regularly seen at the clinic during warm, wet weather with a number of ailments that … Continue reading

Forecast – Rain with chance of an emergency

The weather – it’s not just us feeling down about it. Many cats aren’t venturing outside as much as they normally would, especially to toilet. Instead, they’re holding on or getting stressed, both of which can lead to developing urinary … Continue reading

Keep your pets summer safe!

Take some simple precautions to keep your much loved pet healthy, happy and safe this summertime. Keep your pet cool. A panting animal is trying to cool down. If they can’t, they may become heat stressed, and this can rapidly … Continue reading