Hitting where it Hurts

In the vast majority of households, our pets are considered members of the family. Unlike for our human family, there is no pet public health system. Their every medical and health need has to be paid for. Veterinary clinics do not receive subsidies, and have to operate just like any other business whilst trying to do their very best for every patient they see.

Furthermore, technology and advancements in veterinary science have increased the options available for treatment. your vet may even wish to refer your pet onto a specialist. All this comes with increased costs.

Being a responsible pet owner requires regular preventative health care, and making difficult decisions at times of unexpected accidents or illness. Even the most conscientious owner can face a pet emergency and un-planned treatment costs can be difficult to cover at short notice. Owners want their pets to receive the best possible care regardless of the situation, but realistically this can put them in financial difficulty. When a decision has to be made, it’s not always easy to go with the ideal option.

Setting aside money or building up a credit at your veterinary clinic can be very useful but injuries or illness often happen before you’ve saved enough. Pet insurance is worth considering, smoothing the costs associated with caring for your furry family, and there are several companies offering pet insurance in NZ. There are also finance options available, and Levin & Horowhenua Vets are pleased to be able to refer clients to a veterinary finance company that may be able to offer clients a monetary lifeline.

Pets bring so much to our lives, but owning a pet comes with responsibilities. However you choose to do it, it’s important you have something in place for those unexpected expenses. Hopefully your pet will be healthy and never experience a serious illness or emergency – but regardless, the peace of mind in knowing you have a plan should something happen is worth it.