We are Best Practice


Best PracticeAs a responsible and caring pet owner it’s nice to know that the veterinary practice you choose meets the highest industry standards. Levin & Horowhenua Vets has met the rigorous standards defined by the BESTPRACTICE® committee of the NZ Veterinary Association. These standards cover all areas in a clinic to ensure that you and your pet get consistently high quality treatment and you can be assured that your vet is up to date with the latest in pet healthcare. They encourage veterinary clinics to continually evaluate and improve their surgical, medical, diagnostic and nursing protocols in order to maintain a high level of excellence.

What does it mean for you and your pet? Everything we do at LHVC is designed to maximise your pet’s well-being in both the short and long-term.

One of the most frequent surgeries performed is desexing. Although considered routine, desexing is actually a significant surgical procedure that requires a high level of expertise.

Our team of qualified nurses take care of your pet throughout their stay.  Every patient is evaluated prior to their anaesthetic and the drugs used are tailored to the individual. Intravenous catheters are placed, and in the majority of procedures IV fluids are administered to protect organ function. Most patients are intubated – we deliver oxygen and anaesthetic direct into the airway. Patients are monitored continuously through surgery to ensure that their oxygen level, heart rate and blood pressure remain stable. All patients receive post-operative pain-relief and are fed once they have recovered from their anaesthetic. When we are satisfied that everything is okay, they are sent home with instructions for their continuing care, pain relief to be given at home, and appointments are scheduled for a check in three and 10 days’ time to make sure everything is as it should be.

All of these measures are in place to ensure that the best quality care is provided for your pet during and after a life-changing operation. We provide 24 hour care for all of our patients to ensure that any issues are dealt with promptly and appropriately. BESTPRACTICE® ensures your pets receive the highest standard of care.