Ditch the Itch!

ApoquelThe occasional itch is a fact of life for dogs, but excessive itching isn’t. Not only is it very irritating, it is very important to take the scratching seriously. The longer they scratch, the worse their skin condition becomes, and the harder it is to control.

There are many causes for itchy skin. Sun exposure, parasites like fleas and mites, bacterial, yeast or fungal infections, contact allergies, food allergies, metabolic, hormone and immune diseases can be responsible. A correct diagnosis is essential and your vet will often recommend testing, which can mean taking samples directly from your pet’s skin, and occasionally also blood samples.

Skin issues as a result or one of more allergies – flea, food, contact or atopic dermatitis (caused by environmental allergens) create a vicious cycle of itching and scratching. The great news is a new medication has become available that is specifically designed to rapidly control itching associated with allergic skin disease in dogs.

APOQUEL is a new drug that very quickly lessens your dog’s itch and their desire to scratch, and also decreases any associated redness and swelling in the skin.

Unlike other treatments, APOQUEL targets the itch signal in the nervous system and has minimal negative impact on the immune system. APOQUEL acts fast, reducing itch within 24 hours and providing effective and sustained relief for your dog.

APOQUEL is unlike any other current anti-itch medication. It is a new class of drug that has fewer side effects than can be expected with other medications. It is well tolerated and can be used for both seasonal and life-long allergic skin diseases. APOQUEL allows your veterinarian to continue to diagnose underlying causes of the irritation while providing your dog with relief.

Talk to us today if you are concerned about your dog’s excessive itching. We can assess if APOQUEL may be suitable for your dog. For a short time, APOQUEL is available on a free 7 day trial.