Microchip your pets

microchip catMicrochips are a small implant, about the size of a grain of rice, that transponds a number when scanned. This number is individual to the animal and when entered into the New Zealand Companion Animal Register, can provide details about the animal and owner. Having immediate access to this information is important as it enables owners to be contacted when pets are found or injured. This information can only be accessed by registered organisations.

Microchips are routinely scanned at vet clinics, by animal control and animal shelters, when an animal is presented without its owner. This results not only in prompt return of the animal to its owner, but also allows the owner to consent to urgent and potentially lifesaving procedures.

Microchips can also be used with selected cat or dog doors and feeders, to allow access to certain pets and not others. This can stop neighbourhood cats stealing your pet’s food or coming into your house.

Microchip insertion is a quick and simple procedure. Once the animal is scanned to confirm there is no chip already present, the microchip is inserted via a needle, similar to a vaccination. This can be done without anaesthetic or at the time of a surgery.

Please call your vet and schedule an appointment to have your pet microchipped today.