Spring is here

cat springWinter is finally over, and spring has begun. As the days get longer, we can start to get out in the garden and plant some vegetables. As we tidy up the yard there are things to consider, in order to keep man’s best friend safe.

Slug Bait

Most slug and snail baits contain Metaldehyde, which is poisonous to dogs and cats. If eaten it can cause a range of symptoms from vomiting and diarrhoea, to seizures and potentially death. A safe alternative is Quash, which is an iron-based slug bait, which is considerably safer for children and pets.

Cocoa Husk Mulch

This is a by-product of cocoa bean roasting, and is marketed as a great mulch. Although it smells great for chocolate lovers, the mulch contains Theobromine which is poisonous to dogs. If eaten it can cause hyperactivity, rapid heart rate, seizures and death. A safer alternative is using traditional garden mulch, bark or straw.

Blood and Bone meal

These by-products from the commercial food chain, are considered organic fertilisers and can have many benefits for the garden. They are made from ground up bone and dried blood, which has a strong smell that many dogs are attracted too. Poisoning can occur if a dog eats a large quantity by breaking into a stored bag, or consuming it from the garden. The severity of poisoning symptoms depends on the amount consumed, from mild gastrointestinal upset, to vomiting, diarrhoea and pancreatitis.


As organic matter decomposes it can produce mould, and dangerous mycotoxins. When consumed by an animal, it can cause a variety of symptoms, from agitation to seizures. It is safest to prevent access to the compost pile or bin.


Disulfoton, Fenthion and Malathion are organophosphate pesticides, which are often added to rose care products. They are potentially harmful to dogs and cats by damaging the nervous system even when consumed in small amounts.


Many types of Lily can be extremely toxic to cats. Consumption of pollen, vase water, or even a few petals can be fatal for cats. If you own cats it may be best to avoid having these beautiful flowers in your garden or house.