Does your pet have High Blood Pressure?

Veterinary doctor checking blood pressure of a cat

High blood pressure is not just an issue in people, it also affects pets. Similar to people, high blood pressure is more common in older animals. High blood pressure can be related to other diseases, or can occur in otherwise healthy animals. Regular blood pressure checks can detect issues in blood pressure sooner, and with treatment can reduce the chance of further complications.

When your pet has high blood pressure, it affects organs that have high blood supply. These include heart, eyes, kidneys, brain and spinal cord. If left untreated, high blood pressure can result in heart failure, blindness, strokes, and kidney failure. As the kidneys become more damaged, the body loses even more control over blood pressure, and the average survival rate decreases significantly.

Monitoring blood pressure in pets is relatively easy and non-invasive, very similar to the process with people. We place a cuff around their leg or tail, the cuff is attached to a machine which inflate and deflates the cuff and gives a reading of the blood pressure. This is repeated a few times, and an average taken. If this is high, we will want to repeat on another day. We may give you a calming medication to use before your pet arrives, to reduce the stress component and ensure the reading is true. If the blood pressure is consistently high, we may need to do further testing to check for other diseases, and start medication.

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