Puppy Pre-School Training

Puppy Preschool GraduationWelcoming a new puppy into the household is an exciting time for all members of the family. Puppies bring with them a lot of fun and enjoyment but owning a puppy can raise all sorts of questions, from the best way to toilet training your pup, to teaching them to sit on command. The path to a perfectly trained pooch can be a rocky road!

Here at Levin and Horowhenua vets we offer puppy pre-school for you, your puppy and your family members to come along to. Classes run for four weeks and are held from 6pm -7pm here at the clinic in Levin. Classes are held by Serena McGrannachan, a qualified veterinary nurse with a special interest in canine behaviour and Catherine Robinson, a mixed-animal veterinarian.

Over the four-week period a variety of topics are covered, including nutrition, toilet training and neutering. On week two we guide you through a top-to-toe examination of your puppy, giving you different health pointers including dental management, ear care and clipping nails. The final two weeks focus on training including the “stay” and “come” commands, and in the final week we build an obstacle course to incorporate everything the puppies have learnt over the previous weeks.

A large focus is spent on socialisation and time is given at the end of every class to allow the puppies off the lead to play and interact with the other puppies. This also gives us time to answer any of your questions and queries.

If you are interested in attending the next puppy preschool, commenting September or have any questions for Serena of Catherine then please pop into the clinic to fill in a registration form. Serena and Catherine look forward to meeting you and your puppies.