Best Practice Accreditation, what does it mean for you and your pet?

Best PracticeLevin and Horowhenua Veterinary Centre is the only local clinic with Best Practice Accreditation.

Best Practice Accreditation is the sole quality accreditation programme in New Zealand for veterinary clinics and hospitals, ensuring the highest standard of care for your pet. It is currently a voluntary programme for practices, which means you know that your veterinarians stand by their excellence, as they undergo voluntary auditing every two years.

What does this mean for you and your pet? 

When you choose a Best Practice Accredited clinic, you can be confident that your pet is receiving a high standard of care, by highly trained professionals, in modern well maintained facilities. This means that when your pet is examined, treated or undergoing a procedure, we use modern medicine or surgical techniques, and your patient is monitored throughout the procedure by a registered nurse with modern monitoring equipment.

This can be reflected by considering our points of difference with a routine cat spey.

In clinic, there are separate areas for cats and dogs in reception as well as separate cat and dog wards in clinic. In addition, we use pheromone diffusers (Adaptil and Feliway) in all clinical areas to reduce stress. All animals receive a pre anaesthetic exam, pre-emptive pain relief prior to the procedure, intravenous catheterisation, monitoring throughout the procedure (a minimum of blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiratory rate with additional monitoring for compromised patients), post-operative pain relief, and free post op checks. We take pain management seriously and often use multiple types of pain relief to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

On Saturday November the 16th from 2pm until 4pm, Levin and Horowhenua Veterinary Centre will be celebrating its 80th birthday with an open day and festivities. Watch this space for more information nearer the time, and be sure to check out our website; for information on how to enter and vote in our photo competitions!