Puppy Preschool

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are not able to offer Puppy Preschool at the Levin clinic for the time being. However, we are able to refer you for Puppy Preschool with Veterinarian Nicola Chalmers. Ask us for details.

Puppy PreschoolWell socialised puppies grow into well-adjusted adult dogs.

Studies clearly show that it is vital for a puppy’s social development for it to have exposure, not only to their mother and litter-mates, but also to other puppies, people and various environments and experiences before the age of 16 weeks .

It is also very important to begin basic training at this early stage of your dog’s life. A well trained dog is a happy dog.

At LHVC Puppy Pre-School, your puppy will be able to begin socialisation and early training in a calm, safe and positive environment.

Our instructor will work with you and your puppy to enhance your understanding of the long term impact of experiences at this age. This will help you understand how puppies learn, and allow you to enjoy each other’s company the way you would like to. This will allow you to train your puppy to become a fantastic companion for you and your family.

To attend Puppy Preschool, Puppies should:

  • Be between 7 and 14 weeks of age
  • Have had their first vaccination
  • Have come from homes where any other dogs present are fully vaccinated

Puppy Pre-School is held in the reception of the clinic.

Classes are run one night a week for 4 weeks.

The cost is $100

To enrol or for more information on dates and times please call the clinic or contact Akiko.


Puppy Preschool Graduation