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Transition Management

by Charlene Christensen BVSc Headlands Consultant

One of the most critical periods for a dairy cow is the 3-4 weeks before and after calving.  A successful season’s production can be made or broken during the transition period.

Fat Evaluation Index (FEI) Grading System

by Charlene Christensen BVSc Headlands Consultant

FEI is a measure of the fatty acid profile of the milk, and isn’t a direct measure of the amount of PKE fed. FEI was introduced as tanker-side test in May 2017 to ensure milk is fit-for-purpose.   
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Top Farmers Know How BVD Control Series

what is bvd
BVD SERIES: WHAT IS BVD? BVD infections can be disruptive and costly. Helping farmers to find and control PI (Persistently Infected) stock is essential. Having clear and effective interventions in place, starts with helping farmers to understand the disease. To watch click the video on the left or get the fact sheet.
test for bvd      
BVD SERIES: TEST FOR AND CONTROL BVD BVD is widespread in New Zealand, with 95% of Dairy herds showing evidence of past exposure. Understanding the critical periods for intervention can be hugely helpful, plus knowing what your key targets and controls might be. To watch click the video on the left or get the fact sheet.
biosecurity for bvd      
BVD SERIES: BIOSECURITY FOR BVD With biosecurity as such a hot-topic in the Dairy industry, communicating how to apply biosecurity to BVD is a top priority. Here we share a 3-step biosecurity framework (IN/OUT/OVER) that will help prevent 'direct' and 'indirect' BVD stock contact. To watch click the video on the left or get the fact sheet.

Top Farmers Know-How Series

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AgriHealth Ready to Mate Series

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AgriHealth Mastitis Series

Mastitis s2 ep1
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AgriHealth Wellness Series

Wellness S3 Ep1
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Mycoplasma Bovis

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