Lifestylers + Small Holdings Club

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How can the LHVC Lifestylers + Small Holdings Club help you?

Ever struggled with drenching, vaccinating or hoof trimming your animals?

New to the whole ‘farm game’ and would like to learn what to do?

Join our LHVC Lifestylers + Small Holding Club and you will get up to date newsletters and information, discounts off farm calls and all products in clinic. Our friendly vet techs can help build a plan for your routine farm calls and come and help, show you what to do or do all of the hard work for you.

Large Animal Services

(Vets and Vet techs)

  • Vaccinations and injections
  • Weighing and Body Condition Scoring
  • Hoff trimming
  • Ringing lamb’s tails and ring castrates
  • Drenching and organising drench plans
  • Blood testing
  • Facial eczema bolusing and grass testing
  • Comprehensive in-clinic large animal lab, including spore counting, faecal egg counts, nitrate testing, calf scour testing and milk powder curd testing

LHVC Lifestylers + Small Holdings Membership

Membership is $60 per year you get 5% discount on:

  •  All farm visits
  • Products and services in-clinic
  • Small animal consultations

Ask us for a membership application form in-clinic at the farm desk.

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