StefAnimal WOF Programme

Ever struggled with drenching or time capsuling your sheep, foot trimming your goats, or vaccinating your cattle? Are you sick of buying a whole packet of vaccine for just a few animals?

We offer vet visits and reminders for important livestock health issues such as:
Vaccination for Clostridial diseases, Lepto, Erysipelas, Strangles and Tetanus; facial eczema protection with zinc intraruminal boluses; drenching for external and internal parasites; and faecal egg counts to check for drench resistance and worm burdens.


Become a WOFfer

Fill out the sign-up form and return it to us to sign up for this lifestyler healthcare initiative. Making healthcare easy, all you have to do is get the animals into the yards and the vet will do the rest. Just remember, the better your facilities, the more efficient the vet can be, saving you time and money.

WOF Membership

We are also offering a WOF Membership now, for $60 per year. You get a 5% discount on all farm visits, small animal consultations and services, products and merchandise. If you are keen to become a WOF Member, fill out the WOF Membership form and return it to us.

WOF Newsletters

There will be regular newsletters sent out via email to all members of the Animal WOF programme, featuring articles on different diseases and health problem, local lifestyler events like shows and specials on clinic merchandise. At the end of the year these articles will go on the Lifestyle Resources page for a quick reference.
If you would like newsletters posted out, in colour booklet form, please let us know. For $15 a year we will make sure you receive each newsletter promptly in the mail.