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2017 WOF newsletters

December 2017

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2014 WOF newsletters

Animal Health Diary Jan/Feb
Pigs need wallows – why?
Weed of the month – Tutu

Animal Health Diary July/August
Pre-birthing checklist
Bearings and Uterine Prolapses – a common springtime emergency

2013 WOF newsletters

Facial eczema update part 1
Drought animal care
Ryegrass staggers
Oleander poisoning
Polioencephalomalacia (Vitamin B deficiency)
Birthing reminder
Bracken Fern poisoning
Facial eczema update part 2

2012 WOF newsletters

Macrocarpa poisoning
Pink eye
Horse vaccinations: Tetanus
Rhododendron poisoning
Woody tongue
Wound management in horses
Ragwort poisoning
Dental problems in horses
Scours in pre-weaning calves and lambs
Mudrash and rainscald in horses
An update on horse wormers
Yew tree poisoning

2011 WOF newsletters

Facial Eczema in Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Alpacas
Leptospirosis and Tetanus Vaccinations
Body condition scoring in Large Animals
Update on lamb vaccinations
Metabolic diseases – Sleepy sickness/Ketosis, Grass staggers, Milk fever
The Birthing Kit – when to call for help with calvings, lambings etc
Update on Pig vaccinations
Barber’s Pole worm – Update on gastrointestinal worms
Raising orphaned farm animals – how to grow healthy calves, lambs, kids and crias
Bloat in cattle – a deadly disease
Flystrike – attack of the Blowfly maggots…
Pig restraint – ideas on easier pig handling for vaccination, drenching and similar procedures