About Us

Levin & Horowhenua Vets is a well-established, progressive mixed-practice, with BESTPRACTICE® accreditation.

Our History

 Old Clinic
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The practice has been serving the Horowhenua community for 75 years, and has a mix of production, lifestyle and companion animal clients.
It started out as a Vet Club, a non-profit organisation owned by farmers, which employed the vets and support staff. It has been run as a private practice contracted to the Vet Club since 1989, and is now owned solely by Hugh Bentall. The practice has a strong association with the farming community and the Veterinary Club Executive still engages with Hugh as the practice owner. We service the majority of the dairy farms in the region, and we are continually developing the range of services that we are able to offer our clients.
Over 2009-2010, a new clinic and companion animal hospital was designed and built from the ground up. It was created in close collaboration with all of the staff. The result is a smooth running, pleasant and efficient facility.


Our Team

Levin & Horowhenua Vets has 14 vets, three qualified large animal BVT’s, six qualified veterinary nurses and a large support team.



Best Practice

Best PracticeAs a responsible and caring pet owner it’s nice to know that the veterinary practice you choose meets the highest industry standards. Levin & Horowhenua Vets has met the rigorous standards defined by the BESTPRACTICE® committee of the NZ Veterinary Association. These standards cover all areas in a clinic to ensure that you and your pet get consistently high quality treatment and you can be assured that your vet is up to date with the latest in pet healthcare. They encourage veterinary clinics to continually evaluate and improve their surgical, medical, diagnostic and nursing protocols in order to maintain a high level of excellence.

When you choose a BESTPRACTICE® accredited clinic you can be sure of excellence in the following areas:

  • Care: staff who care about you and your pet.
  • Service: staff are well-presented professionals available for 24-hour emergency service.
  • Training: all staff are professionally trained and experienced in veterinary medicine, surgery, animal health and welfare, have access to up-to-date materials, and are allocated time to ensure continuing professional development.
  • Facilities: the veterinary clinic has modern, well-maintained facilities and equipment in an environment that is comfortable and safe for you and your pet.
  • Information: the clinic has well-organised data storage systems to ensure your pet’s health records can be easily accessed and updated.
  • Safety: any medication dispensed is clearly labelled and appropriately packaged, so you know exactly how and when to medicate your pet.

And because BESTPRACTICE is currently a voluntary programme, you know when you choose an accredited clinic or hospital that your veterinarian stands by their excellence because they volunteer to be audited every two years.


Our Vision

  • To insist on the ethical treatment of all animals
  • To use sound and proven medicine, and provide services that meet the most up-to-date supported medical information.
  • To hold ourselves to a high standard of practice, continue to exceed our own expectations, and to always expect more from ourselves in quality and consistency of service.
  • To enable and support our personnel to have full, productive and enjoyable careers.
  • To maintain and encourage continuing education in all of our staff.
  • To provide educational support to our clients, and our community.
  • To communicate with our clients effectively and clearly.
  • To provide our service in an environmentally sound way.
  • To support and assist charitable organisations who agree with our ideals.